Organizer Bios



Samantha Sime, MA, MPH


Project Lead 

Samantha is a third year PhD Student in Sociology at UC Davis, and also works as an evaluation specialist. She earned her MPH from UC Davis and also obtained a Masters in Gender Studies from the University of London, UK. She is passionate about supporting and championing efforts to address health inequities.

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Jenny Wagner, MPH


Project Lead: Public Health 

Jenny is a Public Health PhD student and evaluation specialist at the UC Davis. She earned her MPH at UC Davis and is experienced in quantitative and qualitative analysis. She has also worked on collaborative approaches to improve community health, digital access and literacy. 

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Drew Halfmann, PhD (He/Him)

Project Oversight/SSN 

Dr. Halfmann is an associate professor of Sociology at UC Davis (UCD). His research and teaching focuses on social movements and the politics of health and social policy. He is affiliated with the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research and the the UC Dsvid Center for Healthcare Policy and Research, and is a member of Sacramento Chapter of SSN.

Bernadette Headshot.jpg

Bernadette is a leader of the Sacramento Chapter of the Scholars Strategy Network (SSN) and the Executive Director of the Center for Regional Change at UC Davis. Her work focuses on community development, public-private partnerships, housing, community economic development, and public finance. 

Bernadette Austin, MS


Project Oversight/SSN Leader

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Dr. Evans is an assistant professor of Social Work at the California State University, Sacramento. His interests include health care policy and reform, social welfare, and medical sociology. He has a Master’s degree in Social Work, was Executive Director of the Sacramento Housing Alliance, and has served on several community and governmental advisory boards and commissions. 

Ethan Evans, MSW,PhD (He/Him)

Project Oversight/SSN Leader


Lorena Garcia, MPH, Dr.PH (She/Her)

Project Oversight: Public Health

Dr. Garcia is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the UC Davis School of Medicine and Chair of the Graduate Group in Epidemiology (GGE). She is also is the Director of Undergraduate Education in the Public Health Sciences Department where she leads a new minor with a focus on public health and social determinants of health. Her research focuses on health disparities and social determinants of health.

Project Support

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Helena Chan (She/Her)

Project Assistant

Helena is a 4th-year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major also pursuing a minor in Public Health Sciences at UC Davis. Her role is to assist with project outreach. She joined the Vaccine Messaging Project to learn more about community health promotion through virtual mediums. 


Christina Arredondo-Lopez (She/Her)

Christina is a 2nd-year biological sciences major at UC Davis, and is passionate about expanding healthcare literacy. She joined the project because she believes informing Spanish speaking communities about COVID-19 vaccines will help improve health literacy and reduce vaccine hesitancy.

Project Support: Public Health


Project Support: Health Messaging

Flor Vasquez Barraza (She/Her)

Flor is a 4th-year at UC Davis double majoring in Sociology and Chicana/o Studies. She got involved with the project because she wanted to know more about COVID-19 vaccines, and to learn how to use and create effective health messages.


Katrina Estrella (She/Her)

Project Support: Public Health

Katrina is a 4th-year majoring in Microbiology and minoring in Public Health Sciences at UC Davis. She joined the project to improve her understanding of COVID-19 vaccines. She's witnessed vaccine hesitancy within her community, and wanted to contribute to a project that aims to overcome it.


Nicole Reyes Camacho (She/Her)

Project Support: Public Health

Nicole is a 2nd-year Psychology major at UC Davis. Nicole got involved because she's passionate about supporting underrepresented communities whose voices have been marginalized during the pandemic. She wants to effect positive change by supporting advocacy and education efforts.


Katherine Ly (She/Her)

Project Support: Public Health

Katherine is a Junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Public Health and Professional Writing. She is interested in solving problems through design and informatics with science, technology, and policy. She uses her IT, civic, and health advocacy experience to support the project.

Jacqueline Morales (She/Her)

Project Support: Health Messaging

Jacqueline is a 4th-year Sociology major and psychology minor at UC Davis, and got involved with the project because, as a sociologist, she's curious about behavior and why people do the things they do. She wants to use the knowledge and experience she has to make a difference in society.

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Moanam Khalid (She/Her)

Project Support: Public Health

Moanam is a 4th-year majoring in Genetics and Geonomics, minoring in Public Health. She plans to become a healthcare professional to support underrepresented communities and to make healthcare accessible for all. She joined the project to serve her community by challenging myths and misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

Cinthia Magana Image.png

Cinthia Magana (She/Her)

Project Support: Health Messaging

Cinthia is a 4th-year Sociology Student with an emphasis in Organizational Studies at UC Davis. She is passionate about effecting positive change within her community, and joined this project to educate, unify and strengthen community trust in COVID-19 vaccines.